◆ It is not acceptable a room without meals / the staying overnight with one meal in this   hotel as a general rule.
The lodging of one will be limited to the use only for the off-season.
◆ The meal in the room will be limited to only supper. (It is from 17:00 to 21:00 in the   use time for meal)
  ◆ The crab food becomes the offer of the limitation for the winter season.
◆ The content of the menu replaces the dish of this pavilion by the season.
◆ The business mind of the dish according to another budget can be done.
◆ It can also enjoy oneself also over tea and play that calls the maiko and geisha.

  ◆ Hours Restaurant "YOSHINOYA"

Daytime 11:00~15:00 (final order 14:00)
Nighttime 17:00~22:00 (final order 19:30)

◆ Check-in, Check-out Check-in time
Check-out time

◆ Dinner It is possible to dine in private. (It may not be available depending on the season.)

◆ Regular holiday Open year round

◆ Room 11 rooms (4person~20person)

◆ Capacity Restaurant "YOSHINOYA"
Restaurant "TENPU"

180 seats
38 seats
◆ Credit VISA,MasterCard,JCB, American Express is available.

◆ Parking 8 cars

◆ Shuttle 2 cars (Only those who do the banquet, it is possible to use the shuttle.)

◆ Cancellation Fee 3 to 2 days prior to your arrival
1 days prior to your arrival
Same day cancellation
20% of total price
50% of total price
100% of total price

Tofu dish                   Horse meat dish                    Crab dish
      ◆ From Gionshijo Stationon Keihan Line:15 mins by walk to the east.
      ◆ From Kawaramachi Stationon Hankyu Kyoto Line:18 mins by walk to the east.
  ◆ Address Washio-cho, Kodai-ji Kitamonzen Shimogawaradoori turn east, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 528

◆ TEL Call from Japan

◆ FAX Call from Japan